That’s a keeper

Back in elementary school Valentines was a pretty big day. It was so easy! We just got Valentines and passed one out to each kid in the class. Sometimes I got some that were just so cute (or from that Super Sweet Crush) that I had to keep them. I still have them in a memory box. Now I’m older and Valentines is a whole different ball game. I’m taking it back to the day with these sweet little Valentines…

They are great for kids to give out to their friends, or as a sweet memento to your love. Book me for a Valentines Mini Session to create some sweet Valentine memories.


Pretty photo organization

I love it when I find a new photo “toy” to play with it. Organization tools are wonderful, and getting pictures all set up and pretty in album format always makes me smile. Everything can be customized, including the backgrounds, which is especially useful when creating a photo book or album. They are great choices for showcasing memories, and not as crazy expensive as you might think. I like to offer my clients items that we can customize together. Here are a few examples of what can be used when creating a photo book…

How do you see yourself?

I see myself with dreamy skin, and hair color amped up a little with purple (on top of the pretty dark auburn that I’m rocking right now). The great people at Rock the Shot have declared contest time! I enter with a pic of my oh-so-rad, extension clad hair backed by a eucalyptus tree. I took the picture with my trusty camera remote, and the camera was anchored on a tripod.

Per contest rules, here’s the site: It truly is a great resource so if you are a photographer head on over!

P.S. I really am curious to know, how do you see yourself in pictures? Do you love soft, filtered pretty? Do you envision sexy pin-up style? I believe the right light makes everything amazing!