About amswphotography

Photographer/Hair Stylist who loves to make people look good, and feel beautiful. I am a licensed Hair Stylist so I make sure my clients look gorgeous during the shoot.


So it’s been great hanging out on this site, but I’ve made a few changes…

Click here

to visit me at amswphotography.blogspot.com

See you soon! I’ve got Lightroom downloads, guest bloggers, new layouts and more pics than I can handle 🙂


I’ll lasso the moon and throw in a condor and cape buffalo….

I’ve been spending  A LOT of time in photoshop, messing around and building blog templates. Here’s some of that fun. There’s more to come on my New photo blog that I’m creating and I’ll be giving out a couple template freebies.

Back to basics

Raise your hand if you ever needed a creativity charge. ::Raises my own hand::. Yep. So I took a month off from blogging. I took walks and watched the light change over the fields and noted the time of day that I thought the light was prettiest. I scouted out new locations with a relaxed and happy mindset. I played with my son and put the camera down. It is amazing to me that I have owned my new camera for 1.5 years and in that time taken over 10,000 pictures. I deleted half of them, and reminded myself of what I deemed important. 

What I really think is important in the photography spectrum is a website that I can tinker with and feel “professional” with. So I am making one. It is looking pretty awesome so far, and if you want to toss in your two cents I’d love any input (after I post it of course). It will be live this week, so stay tuned! And oh, this blog will be linked to it so you can find me and my ramblings. 😉


Watchu lookin at? My friend’s adorable and spunky 3 year old says hello.