San Diego sunsets after the rain

We had a little rainy action over here this last week, and it produced some beautiful sunsets for the next few days. I had the luck of capturing this on the drive home. Great way to start a commute.



Pretty girl and open fields =win

Sydney and her fun happy smile are gracing my blog today (oh and she got to pose with the albino horse! So cute).




Moo moo Moo!

My son loves the toy dog Scout, and Scout has a book where he talks. In the book, he sees a cow and cries, “Moo moo moo!” Needless to say that is stuck in my head, and my son goes bananas when he sees cows. This sweet little herd was in the field right next to his daycare. We loved seeing the little calf one day after it was born.

On the farm, with friends today! (sorry, couldn’t resist) 😉

The Open Road

If you are like me, the open road calls. Tree covered roads like Mussey Grade have me doing stupid things like standing on the double yellow lines snapping a quick shot with no one around. The road used to be the only way to get down to San Diego before the Highway 67 was built, so the road now ends at a private property and a view of the San Vicente Reservior. At 4pm, the light was great and a little mini road trip provided these pics.

Which do you all like? Any feedback is helpful 🙂