Family/Maternity: The Jacksons

My dear friends are expecting their newest arrival this month! We met for a baby shower and maternity/family pictures. Can’t wait to meet your new baby girl (and take mountains and mountains of pics of her)!

p.s. You would not believe how delicious those cupcakes were. Melted chocolate in the center+chocolate cake+chocolate heaven =Bliss! Pregnant Mrs. Jackson here made them herself and her mother in law did the lemon cake with the cutest buttons I’ve ever seen. I want to eat the pictures.


Vintage baby


When my son was about a year and a half old, we took him down to Mission Beach to check out the Merry Go Round and the beach. While he didn’t ride the Merry Go Round, he was excited and overstimulated all at once. It was late in the afternoon and daddy hugged him and kept him warm.

Acrobats in training

Two fearless kiddos playing at the park right before dusk. I always enjoy taking pics of my niece and nephew. Neither of them is afraid of heights, and they climbed to the top of the rock wall, hung from the swings, and flipped on the monkey bars. Great way to start the New Year!